The Other Side of Mass Effect 3

Before Bioware’s attempt to placate displeased fans comes out tomorrow, I felt like revisiting Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer. The co-op mode that, notoriously, you need to play if you want all three endings. Is there enough reason to revisit the multiplayer when you’ve finished the single player?

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 Hello, you might remember this blog – wait, no, you certainly don’t. I barely remember it, even. Last year I used it to review Glee, but after two episodes I fled in terror from that show and never looked back. Due to lack of time I let this blog go unused for any non-Glee purposes, but now I’m reviving it. I have many things planned, but the first is rewatching Lost from the beginning, starting this Wednesday with the pilot, and likely going two episodes at a time from there. Until then, namaste and good luck.

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